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Why US

1-Assistance and warranties

The holiday is a moment of leisure and relaxation, for this reason, leaving in complete tranquility is essential. Each stage is controlled by us and, for any need, you can contact our numbers always active day and night, you can count on immediate support, in Italian.

We offer a holiday tailored to your needs; we have personally tried all the itineraries and we know them very well, moreover our suppliers are reliable and guarantee the quality of all the services.

2 – Sustainable Travel

We collaborate with structures that respect the protection of the environment to minimize their impact on biodiversity.

We offer eco-sustainable tours created to immerse yourself in culture, interacting with local people and promoting the local economy.

We avoid mass tourism, preferring less traveled itineraries.

Through our travels we support some wildlife sanctuaries, collaborate in the protection of marine life and contribute to the local economy.

We protect travelers and communities from mass tourism.

We are proudly member of the Costa Rica Code of Conduct to protect under age individuals from commercial sexual exploitation in travel and tourism.

Green Travel Costa Rica is a local tour operator, specializing in cultural and environmental travel. If your passion is nature or culture or you would like to get in touch with local populations, to know the diversity of this extraordinary destiny, we are the best choice to organize your dream vacation.

We have selected for you the most enchanting destinations, unique experiences, unforgettable adventures and lots and lots of nature to discover.

We always look for the best quality-price solution to make our customers’ experience truly unique. Here are other reasons to travel with us:

For more than 23 years Cindy Víquez Severino has been organizing tailor-made trips to Costa Rica

3- Competitive Prices and flexible cancellation policies

We have been operating in the industry for over 25 years, during which time we have built strong business relationships with our suppliers, this helps us to have added value, special rates and flexible cancellation policies.

Authentic tours

You will be able to live authentic and unforgettable experiences thanks to our exclusive tours. We always offer you an original itinerary in which we support the dimensions linked to the landscape, heritage, nature and local culture.

Travel Safe Covid-19:

We and all our business partners with whom we collaborate to ensure assistance to our travelers during the entire duration of travel and travel in Costa Rica, we are united in the common commitment to make you travel safely by following all protocols. Your safety, your well-being, that of our employees and our partners is our top priority.