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Create Sustainable Tours To Costa Rica

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Costa Rica Vacations

The best way to create tailor made trips to Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is the perfect destination for nature lovers, birdwatchers, with an impresive 2% of the worldwide biodiversity, we are ready to amaze you with our green heritage. Your preference will allow us to support ONG´s and keep this treasure to future generations

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Explore the jungle, meet different cultures, relax, enjoy and be part of the brand new way of traveling.

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Travel to Costa Rica and create an unique experience.

Start to design now!

Destinations in Costa Rica

Find here the inspiration to organize your trip to Costa Rica with our Experts in this exotic destination

Welcome to Green Travel Costa Rica

We design and promote sustainable trips to Costa Rica, to reduce the impact of human activities on the environment.

We create unique experiences like dinning on tretops, immerse in local communities and preserve the flora and fauna.