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Caminos de Osa

The Osa Peninsula is one of Costa Rica’s hidden jewels and is home to some of the places with the greatest natural beauty in the region. Today, 80% of the territory is protected by different types of conservation, which allows the Osa peninsula to host species that represent 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity, now home to 370 species of birds, over 145 species of mammals, 6,000 types of insects and 305 types of trees. This means that this Costa Rican peninsula has experienced a conservationist policy over the last 50 years that has kept it intact but has limited development and access to work for its inhabitants.

Unfortunately, in contrast to the richness and natural exuberance of the area, local communities experience poverty and low levels of development. As a result, it is still common for many in the region to engage in activities such as illegal logging, gold mining and hunting as a means of subsistence.

In 2014 an alliance was formed to create the Caminos de Osa destination, through a model of sustainable tourism development in the Osa peninsula, with an offer of products and services in the hands of local families, responding to the interest of tourists from enjoy nature and culture, improving the well-being and quality of life of the inhabitants. It was proposed to include entrepreneurs with accommodation, crafts, excursions, food and guided transportation services.

Thanks to the tours we offer together with Caminos de Osa we can offer a balanced and unique experience for visitors, showing a deep respect for the essence of the region. Furthermore:

· The quality of life of the Osa communities has improved thanks to the increase in rural tourism.

· Local tourism income is distributed more fairly.

· More green job opportunities are created in communities, which will reduce harmful activities such as hunting, deforestation and gold mining.

· Osa residents can share their historical and cultural treasures, as well as local natural attractions, with visitors.

· Promote the integral development of communities, through tourism that combines nature and culture.

· Emergence of local initiatives around art and culture.

You will discover an authentic Costa Rica through a network of trails that connect the natural and cultural attractions of the Osa Peninsula.

Path in the jungle: «The true color of gold is green.» 3 nights / 4 days experience, with medium difficulty levels. Includes walks, river bathing, horseback riding, night tour to see amphibians, reptiles and insects, kayaking and visiting indigenous communities.

Services included

5 tours (horseback riding, night walk, butterfly farm, bird watching tour, trekking to Corcovado National Park).

Accommodations: 3 nights.

Meals: 4 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 dinners.

Camino dell’oro: «Much more than a tour, it is a lifestyle». He develops the theme of gold in the Osa peninsula and the life of the oreri. It is a 4-night / 5-day experience, with difficulty levels 6-8. Includes pre-Columbian museum, mangrove boat tour, hike, visit to indigenous community, horseback riding, a spectacular and intense day hike through Corcovado National Park to Carate Beach and yoga class.

Services included

10 tours (pre-Columbian tour, boat tour to Sierpe, excursion to the waterfalls, nature hike, gold mine tour, indigenous tour, horseback riding, kayak tour, day trip, yoga class)

Accommodations: 4 nights

Meals: 5 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 4 dinners

Bilingual English / Spanish guide: For pre-Columbian tour, boat tour, indigenous tour, kayak tour.

Osa Selvaggia: «You can’t really know a place without knowing its people.» This 4 nights / 5 days option allows you to visit different points of interest. It has a low degree of difficulty and includes Corcovado Tour, excursion to the waterfalls, cultural tour of the indigenous people, kayaking, visit to Trapiche de Don Carmen, tour of the gold mines, horseback riding.

Services included

7 tours (day tour to Corcovado, excursion to the waterfalls, indigenous cultural tour, kayaking, Don Carmen’s Trapiche tour, tour of the gold mines, horseback riding)

Accommodations: 4 nights

Meals: 5 breakfasts, 4 lunches and 4 dinners.

Bilingual English / Spanish guide: Corcovado day tour and kayaking