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Family Vacations in Costa Rica


Costa Rica is an ideal family vacation destination! Together we will create a family travel experience that you will always remember!

Type of Travelers: Family.

Kind of Vacation: Aventura, Beach, Nature, National Park, Tortuguero Canals.

Months: All Year

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13 Days / €€€

Costa Rica Family Vacations

Costa Rica is a paradise plenty of Volcanoes, rainforests national parks, protected areas and the most spectacular beaches.

We love to assist families to get for them a peaceful and enjoyable vacation, while you stay in Costa Rica. We can adjust the plans to any budget. Together we’ll make a family travel experience you’ll treasure forever!

Costa Rica is the Right Destination for Families with Children

Costa Rica is the best destination for families for a very simple reason, it has everything for everybody, and the most important is that you will spend quality time with your family.

If you come to Costa Rica to enjoy a family vacation please let us know if you travel with children and how old they are, these is because there are some hotels and adventure tour companies that offer special rates for children depending on how old they are. This means savings for you and you will maximize your budget.

If you can share with us if ithis is a birthday trip, anniversary trip, etc, would be very helpful to us to personalize the trip even more.

Our travel specialists have a great relationship with our supplier and we are focused the get the best experience for your family with a personal touch.

This is what we need from you, information, leave the rest to us. These means peace of mind during your trip to Costa Rica.

We are specialist in knowing which activities are ok for your children and which hotels are focused in families, because some of them count with connecting rooms, family rooms and villas.

If there are dietary restrictions it is very important that you let us know in advance to let our suppliers know when we book the service.

6 Tips to travel to Costa Rica with children

1-Let our expert in Costa Rica that you will travel to Costa Rica with Children

Remember that is important to provide all the information mentioned above

2. Try to reserve with enough time in advance

Specially for months of high occupancy it is important get all your services secured, and booked

3. Please take in count how do you prefer your transportation

Some children can get sick if they go in a shuttle transportation, if a car rental is better for family, please let us know. Another option for you is a private shuttle service if you want someone else to drive for you.

4. Make a list and pack all the necessary items prior your trip to Costa Rica

Medicines, that special pillow, toys, everything that will contribute to have your children OK is going to be helpful.

5. When we share our itinerary with you, please include your children to check it.

We know how important your children are, would be great if they can participate with their expectations about the trip

6. Costa Rica Weather

This is very important to take in consideration as we count with many micro climates, due to the diverse of destinations and heights from the level sea. These changes of temperature can affect your children so be prepared with clothes for every place you will visit