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Costa Rica Honeymoon


Costa Rica is an ideal family vacation destination! Together we will create a family travel experience that you will always remember!

Type of Travelers: Family.

Kind of Vacation: Aventura, Beach, Nature, National Park, Tortuguero Canals.

Months: All Year

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13 Days / €€€

The honeymoon of your dreams is in Costa Rica

A honeymoon should be as important as the wedding! Find here a romantic, unique and unforgettable honeymoon in Costa Rica.

Do you prefer a honeymoon near spectacular volcanoes with hot springs? Or something more full of adventure like rafting or canopy. Romantic hotels only for couples that will give you that space you are looking for to start building moments with the person you love.

Are you a fan of original and unforgettable ideas like spending a night or two glamping or in a cave? Well, if you’ve come this far, it’s because you’re actually looking for something unique and unforgettable without spending a fortune trying.

All couples are different, here you can find some ideas, but they are just that, ideas to inspire you, it is important for us to know what they are looking for and the time they want to make their honeymoon in Costa Rica is perfect, from having dinner on the beach or in the treetops.

For example, if you want to see whales, turtles and dolphins there are months during the year that it is possible to see them, it is precisely here where communication with our expert in Costa Rica is valuable, to create a trip tailored to your tastes.

All of this that we mentioned is possible and more. This is the difference between a honeymoon and a real honeymoon in Costa Rica.

Honeymoons deserve special attention because they depend a lot on the details, and from the memories that we are going to leave with you, we know how important this stage is in your lives.

Unique settings and experiences for exceptional people united by love. All our experience and knowledge of more than 25 years placed at your disposal so that everything is perfect, from arrival to departure.

The biggest advantage of Costa Rica is that you can go from the Caribbean to the Pacific in hours, be in the mountains one day and the next enjoying the Jungle or the sea.

With our diversity of climates, fauna and flora, let’s say that Costa Rica is a country that has it all compared to other destinations where they must cross great distances (even between countries), spend a lot of time and, above all, money to have an unforgettable honeymoon.

All our travelers have 24/7/365 support for your peace of mind and convenience.